Current Projects

Our current work consists of the following projects:

MIT.nano is a new nano technology research building for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.  Client: Wilson Architects.

Mosaic - owned by RTH is a new highrise residential building in Boston, MA.  Client: ADD Inc.,now Stantec.

Wagdy Anis, FAIA, LEED AP is the instructor for the commercial building enclosure requirements in the new IECC 2015 energy code recently adopted in MA.  Half-day classroom sessions and circuit rider questions and site or office visits are offered courtesy of MassSave and the utiliies in MA in cooperation with the BBRS.  Client is CSG.  Training website

Old Chapel is an historic building on the National Register of Historic Places built in 1884 on the UMass Amherst campus.  It is slated for renovation; an exploration of the granite and brownstone exterior walls has been undertaken by ABEC.  Client: Finegold Alexander, Architects.

BRETON Systems: Hygrothermal analysis is being undertaken of System5zero in DOE climate zones 3 and higher by ABEC.  Client: BRETON Systems.

Amherst College Greenway Dorms: Architect Kyu Sung Woo Architects, BECx by ANIS BUILDING ENCLOSURE CONSULTING. Client: Amherst College

Massachusetts General Hospital Blake Building curtain wall investigations.  Client:  MGH

270/280 Bridge Street, Deham is a suburban office park consisting of two low-rise buildings. ABEC is putting together plans to repair and upgrade the exterior enclosure.

ABEC is doing a peer review of a testing report of the drying rate of fifteen different water resistive barriers.  Client: Vaproshield

ANIS BUILDING ENCLOSURE CONSULTING investigated by transient hygrothermal simulation the wall and roof assemblies of the proposed Randolph Plaza - 55 & 57 Randolph Road, Silver Spring, MD, as designed by SBK Partnership, LLC, of Bethesda, MD, and as requested by The Duffie Companies.  ABEC investigated the vegetated roof, the EIFS wall and the brick veneer wall.

104 Canal Street Hotel, Boston, MA, is a boutique hotel designed by Stantec.  ABEC is serving as enclosure consultant to Stantec.

Crotty Hall is a net zero energy office building designed by Miller Pollin Architecture, Amherst, MA, with Transolar of NY as energy consultant.  ABEC is performing building enclosure commissioning, (BECx)

Apple Hill 3 is a building owned by Mathworks in Natick, MA.  ABEC is consulting to Gensler for rerooofing of this building, while bringing it up to energy code.  The roof will have extensive photovoltaic arrays.

Rutgers New Academic Building waterproofing consulting.  Architect: Elkus Manfredi.

WPI's Foisie Innovation Studio and Dormitory is a new building on the WPI campus in Worcester, MA. ABEC is providing full enclosure consulting to Gensler.

12 P.O. Square, Boston is a beautiful 1902 limestone building in need of restoration.  ABEC is working with specialty subconsultants in cathodic protection and structural engineering to restore and protect the facades.

Boston Public Library is renovating its rare book department and adding a new humidified mechanical system.  ABEC is assisting Finegold Alexander Associates with the design of the exterior wall.


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